Welcome to Alor / Indonesia!

ALOR DIVE is located on Alor, one of the many islands of eastern Indonesia.

Alor is in the eastern part of the indonesian province Nusa Tengara Timur and is surrounded by more than impressive and, most important, untouchted dive sites.
Our dive trips are made with our 18 m long diving boat which was specially designed with the needs of divers in mind. To explore the underwater world at one of the best diving areas in the world it has space for 14 divers on day-tours or diving safaris with overnight stay on board.

It is equipped with GPS, satellite telephone, emergency oxygen, fresh water-tank, toilet, kitchen and much more and has a 120 hp main engine and an additional emergency motor.

We use new diving equipment from Mares, long 5 mm wet suits and 10 litre aluminium tanks with optional DIN or INT fittings.

Our office is located on the way from the airport into the city-centre of Kalabahi.
The ALOR DIVE dive boat