Newsletter 06/2006
"Diving in Alor / Indonesia"
Hello diving friends,

after more than one year of preparation it has finally happened.
ALOR DIVE has filled it's tanks at one of the best but yet unknown diving locations in the world.

With our 18m custom built diveboat we would like to show you the underwater world of Alor, Indonesia. Alor, located in the East of Indonesia, still has an intact and nearly untouchted underwater world. Unfortunately, this is very rare to find in the world. The hard- and soft- corals covered drop-offs of the Pantar Street between Pantar and Alor offer every diver the chance to make new discoveries. Experienced divers may also choose to dive at one of the divesites containing stronger currents were they´ll have the chance to find larger fish like sharks or even one of the more exotic animals like whales, sun-fish and etc. Less experienced divers will find divesites with less or no current and to be a makro-photographers paradise.

Dolphins and Whales often wish us a safe voyage on our way to the divesites which are between 45 minutes and 2 hours away from our base in Kalabahi.

Our diveboat has enough space for 14 divers and offers a kitchen, toilet and a freshwater tank. The sun-deck invites sun-bathers to relax between the dives, the dive-deck on the other hand is shaded.

With 1000 litres of fuel in it's tanks our diveboat can complete longer tours on which you may sleep on deck.

Of curse we care not only for your comfort but for your safety as well, our boat is equipped with fire extinguishers, life-vests, a life-ring and an emOx system. Additionally we have a Wenoll System which can deliver up to 4 hours of Oxygen for two divers (8 hours for one diver), GPS and a satellite phone with which you may even call home during the trip if you wish.

We offer dive courses following the PADI system up to the DiveMaster level and teach in German, English an Bahasa Indonesia (both with a German accent).

If we have cought your interrest please feel free to dive into our website at for more informations about ALOR DIVE or Alor or just send us an email to: .

We hope to welcome you soon as one of our guests and, in the meantime, wish you all the best and always good diving.

Thomas Schreiber and the ALOR DIVE team.

P.S.: We are constantly updating and expanding our website so it is definatly worth diving-in from time to time.

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Tauch mit uns in Alor/Indonesien!

Dive with us in Alor / Indonesia!

Diving dengan kami di Alor / Indonesia!
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